Investment offers revised

We're constantly researching the popularity, reliability and profitability of our investment offers, and after the second month of work, long meetings and long discussions by the company's management, it was proposed and decided to revised the investment offers to increase investment attractiveness with kept stability.

As our after 50 and 100-days plan proved to be very popular, we decided to introduce a new, its shorter version - with a lower total income, but a shorter investment period as well, for maximum reliability, convenience and profitability for our investors.

Today we want to introduce an updated investment offers for 15 and 30 days which will replaced the 50 and 100 days plans as more convenient for both the company and investors.

Check out the new 15 and 30 days offers here:

As well the balancing of the interest rate was also a bit adjusted in some of investment plans.

Sincerely, team.