Min withdrawal amount to crypto temporarily changed

Dear cryptoinvestors,

Due to very high demand by growth of cryptocurrency and high-load of the Blockchains these days, it's fee for the crypto transactions was much increased. due to that factor we've to increase the minimum amount for withdrawal in the crypto.

Currently the minimum is set to:


  • Bitcoin: $10

These changes are temporary and after the commission returns to normal, the minimum amounts will be revised downward.

Please check the load of Blockchain here:

Sincerely, team

[Bonus] Welcoming "30 days online" free-bonus shared

Also on the occasion of this celebration event of our 1th month anniversary and these achievements , we want to offer our investors bonuses as a free bonus for everyone, as well as additional bonuses for deposits and special bonuses for our VIP investors.

Right now we're add free $1 deposit bonus to everyone, which will work for 10 days and provide you daily free profit, so you can withdraw it.

The free bonus deposit and it's daily interest rate in % can be increased simply by making a new deposits during these 10 days, so that your profit from free-bonus will increased as well.

By default, the bonus is credited to PerfectMoney, but after opening a deposit in any currency, the bonus will be automatically converted to it currency.

The amount of the bonus deposit increase depends on the chosen investment plan:

  • Each deposit to the plan after 100 days will increase your bonus deposit up to + 100% of the invested amount

  • Each deposit to the plan after 50 days will increase your bonus deposit up to + 75% of the invested amount

  • Each deposit on premium plans will increase your bonus deposit up to + 50% of the invested amount

  • Each deposit to Daily Forever or Hourly Forever plans will increase your bonus deposit up to + 30% of the invested amount

  • Each deposit the plans for 168/120 Hours will increase your bonus deposit up to + 10% of the invested amount

The extra amount will be added instantly after each new deposit during these 10 days.

The boosters will increase interest rate of your deposit depends on the amount:

  • For each deposit $100~$250 so you will get x1.1 booster

  • For each deposit $251~$500 so you will get x1.5 booster

  • For each deposit $501~$1000 so you will get x2.5 booster (only for first 10 users)

  • For each deposit $1001~$10,000 so you will get x5 booster (only for first 5 users)

  • For each deposit $10,000 or above so you will get max booster x10 (only for first 3 users)

Check your bonus here (bounty tab):

Then go to make deposit page and start to increase your bonuses now:

*The offer is valid for each user from the moment the bonus deposit is credited to his account, and works for 10 days until the moment when the bonus deposit expires.

Sincerely, team.

Investment offers revised

We're constantly researching the popularity, reliability and profitability of our investment offers, and after the first month of work, long meetings and long discussions by the company's management, it was proposed and decided to revised the investment offers to increase investment attractiveness with kept stability.

As our after 100-days plan proved to be very popular, we decided to introduce a new, shorter version of it - with a lower daily yield but a shorter investment period, for maximum reliability, convenience and profitability for our investors.

Today we want to introduce a new investment offer for 50 days which will replaced the after 1-day plan as not very convenient both for the company and for long-term investors.

Check out the new 50 days offer here:

As well the balancing of the interest rate was also a bit adjusted in some of investment plans.

Sincerely, team. - 1 month since online

Dear investors,

Today we've a great news that HourlyKing have been online for 1 month since online investment platform was launched.
We're developing very successfully and aiming to go forward over the years.

And now we'd like to share our achievements with you:

For just a month of operation, more than 1548 active investors have been joined and many new investors join us daily from all over the world.
We've received an investments amounts of more than $1 million US dollars (at the time of publication of the news, $1138014.41).

Everyone who've invested in our platform have received their solid returns and continue to receive payments seamlessly.
At the time of publication of the news, the total amount of paid profits is $746123.22,
so the total amount of paid funds to investors will certainly be achieved $1 million US dollars very shortly as well .

- 33 monitorings control us for solvency with high reliability, that 100% of them gave us status "paying";
- 13 video reviews with payment proofs;
- 7 reviews in media;
- 38 reviews on the TrustPilot (with the middle rated 4.5 stars: Excellent);

Join HourlyKing Investment platform right now, invest in your bright future.

Your Sincerely,
King Glenn, CEO is officially launched!

Dear Investors,

We are happy to inform you that web-site has officially launched!

Please view our detailed investment plans and explore our options on our website. You can start investing with us immediately and make a profit within the next hour. You can really succeed with us.

Investors from all over the world are invited to participate in our investment plan. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our Royal Support Staff will help you. Your request will be received immediately in front of you, and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Thank you for visiting our website, we sincerely hope to get the best service and joy.

I wish you a happy income!

Sincerely, team.